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SOme of the story...

Doni is inspired by our journeys as human beings - by the poetry, song, prose and imagery that attempt to do them justice. She hopes to do as much with clay.

Her current work displays heart symbols and stories the heart might tell. Heart shaped rattles depicting words and other symbolic inspirations are both musical instrument and décor, while larger sculptural pieces hold deeper emotions, thoughts, or questions. Doni also creates functional, whimsical bottles that might be used as vases, olive oil bottles, or cruets. All of these pieces are given a personality with their gestural shapes and sizes. Her work incorporates her skill as a faux finish painter where layers of glazes, slips, and texture combine to create wear - the look of the natural consequences of time.

Doni owned and operated The Finish Line – a decorative painting and faux finish company near Houston, Texas for twenty plus years. Her educational background includes Parson’s School of Design in New York, ceramic studies with Roy Hanscom at North Harris College, and over 200 hours of instruction with various masters in decorative painting, including Pierre Finkelstein, Nicola Vigini, and Houston’s Janie Ellis. Doni serves as chair for the Avant Garden Art Gallery in Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Church in the Woodlands, TX; she oversees the ongoing exhibitions and displays art of her own and others. Doni is also a member of the Woodlands Art League.

Doni Langlois lives in Spring, Texas.


Why Hearts?

So, everybody asks – “why hearts”. The answer is simply that this is a symbol that connects us, one with which everyone can relate. It’s corny, I know, but it’s that part of the body we point to when we feel just about every emotion. All of us have emotions. People buy them as gifts for their lovers, to show friendship, to give comfort from grief, for people celebrating a win, or as a message for themselves. The rattle is a happy bonus – a surprise that makes us smile. A musical instrument to play a long with the band – or perhaps a signal to your lover!

“ How do you call your lover boy? – ‘Oh Lover Boy’ ” !

I like that… and I like making things that connect us. I’m thinking we can always use a little more heart.